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Nemo's Adventures On-Line
10:27PM 15/04/14 - Post-fix

RL seems to have gone bonkers again all of a sudden. Bit of a rush to finish the website I'm building, plus the Sib is going to be home again in the near future and that means scrabbling to get all the accumulated junk out of her old room and clean up the place. Much less time for writing ATM. Should hopefully have more up in the next couple of days, though.

In other news, building a PC case, while fun, has become similarly back-burnered. Luckily, however, I've managed to wangle a pretty nice deal on the presentation model of something that would otherwise have been out of my non-existent price range. I could go all nerdy and list makes and models and whatnot but I'll spare you the details. Suffice to say it should help to considerably reduce computer noise levels, thank goodness. Now I can start thinking about the next bit of tech to upgrade and which part of my body to sell to be able to purchase it :)
06:53PM 11/04/14 - Homework? Really??

I'm thirty bloody six and I've got homework to finish for tomorrow. Something has gone seriously wrong with my life.
10:40PM 09/04/14 - Surveys

And another thing that gets on my wick is surveys. Are surveys? Is or are? Ugh. Grammar and surveys both get on my wick. Complete bastards, the pair of them.
10:31PM 08/04/14 - Needles and haystacks

Turns out that making a website is hard! You may start off simply, with the most basic of code, but if the site has more than one or two pages, and you want to make those pages pretty and responsive and everything, you'll easily wind up with a few thousand lines of technobabble filling your screen. And if, should you be the most unlucky of web design novices, said website requires a contact form, pop up menus, a slider and various other bells and whistles you may find that the slightest imprecision can result in, oh, two or three weeks of hitting your head against the walls trying to figure out why the DAMN thing isn't doing what you have expressly designed it to do. And then someone will come along behind you, point at the screen and say, "you've forgotten to put in X right there." And you'll blink a few times, the blurred lines of code will slowly swim into focus again and you'll realize that, yes, you did forget X (whatever X happens to be) and that the soul-draining, nerve-wracking, migraine-inducing hell of the past three weeks was ridiculously easy to fix after all. And you'll laugh, in relief at first and then in mounting hysteria, until the tears are pouring from your eyes and you sound like Dr Evil on LSD, and you'll stand up, turn around to face the interloper who just carelessly pointed this out to you with as little forethought as one might commit to swatting an annoying mosquito and who is now looking at you as if you may just have taken leave of your senses (which you probably have, all things considered) and you will attempt to bludgeon his smug head in with a desk chair.

That's web design, folks!
08:59PM 06/04/14 - Spring cleaning

I spent the day today cleaning my computer. Turns out, I'm a bit of a sloven in that department. I bought it a little more than three years ago, back in 2011, and beyond a quick huff on the components to get rid of the worst of the dust bunnies inside the case, I haven't actually cleaned it properly even once since then. So today, I (tried) to clean it properly. I suspect some bunnies escaped the purge, but overall I managed to remove a shocking amount of dust.

In the process, I noticed the peeps who built this rig for me stiffed me on the memory. I thought I was getting the good stuff but it turns out I got some generic, bottom-of-the-line crap. And not even matching crap, two modules from different makers. I basically use my computer to write, surf the web, do some programming and some light image editing, hardly intensive stuff. Also, the PC I had before this one was an old laptop which I had for yonks, so I got used to a certain lack of responsiveness. These factors combined mean I didn't notice the performance hit. I can't go back and complain three years after the fact, so I'm basically forced to make do until I can buy some more. Which comes out of the non-existant budget for my next computer, the one that doesn't weigh thirty kilos (somewhere north of sixty pounds if you're an American heathen who has yet to convert to metric), can be opened up easily to perform system maintenance and runs silent so as not to disturb my delicate ears.

In the spirit of no budget, today I began upcycling an old desktop tower that's been lying around in the garage since before Gutenberg invented the typewriter (shut up). It's my father's old office PC. I yanked out all the internals, ripped off the front bezel and got to work with a metal saw. The result is a lightweight frame I'm going to use as the skeleton of a homemade case. Something in plywood, perhaps lined with aluminium, held together by a few brackets. A box, basically, with a few holes for ventilation. Nothing fancy. I can use the hard drive cage from my current rig, recycle the power supply, the graphics card, the processor and the fans, chuck a new, smaller motherboard into the mix and add in some proper RAM. The result should be tolerable. Might even be cool if I can get it right. Of course, this whole process is going to take a few months, as I am about as gifted for DIY as a hippo is for brain surgery. I'll have to keep using my current system for now, save up as much as I can and spend a few days teaching myself carpentry and whatnot. Still, it could be fun :)
11:28PM 05/04/14 - Noisy computer hell

My computer has been screaming at me. Okay, maybe not exactly screaming. More like sighing loudly and continuously. It's not even that disturbing at first. Just a background whirr. But it does not stop. Ever. All day the fans whirr constantly. I've had my pc for, what? Two or three years now? Three, I think. In tech terms, that's verging on retirement age. So I'm starting to save up for a new one. Or at least new parts. A new case, some better fans, that sort of thing. The goal is to be able to sit at my desk and type for extended periods of time without wanting to stuff corks in my ears. I don't have much of a budget right now, however. I'm going to have to get creative.

More fic is upcoming in the next few days. I've got to get past this current hump of plot exposition so I can get things rolling.

S'all for now. This has been a drive by post-and-run kind of dealie before I collapse for the next twelve hours solid. TTFN!
09:43PM 03/04/14 - Saharan smog

There's a bad outbreak of, well, I guess you'd call it air pollution across some parts of Europe at the moment. Sand from the Sahara. It's been sucked up somehow into the wind and subsequently blown across certain areas in Western Europe. The UK is one of these. The south of France, at least the bit where I live, is another. Horrible day, especially for asthmatics. And cars. We washed the dust of the car this afternoon and less than two hours later it was already covered again!

So here's the next bit. A few answers here. More questions too.

All parts are found here.
The previous part is here.

Click for the ficCollapse )

NB: Aaand, there you go. Short and to the point. Or maybe not. There's stuff in here that will quickly bcome crucial to the story, and it's probably not what you think :)

The formatting on this is all over the place, I know. My computer is still playing up and this is un-beta'd. I'll try and fix things later. TTFN!
09:45PM 01/04/14 - April's fool

Yoohoo! Over here! It's me! Nemo! You remember! The weirdo who sometimes writes stuff and always moans about, well, everything. It's been a while, hasn't it? I almost didn't recognize you. Where've I been, I hear you ask? Well, that's a story in and of itself. Basically a combination of factors contributed to my AWOL-ness, starting with internet problems and progressing through punishing RL commitments. I've built a website since we last saw each other, and redesigned the various catalogues and flyers for the company for which I'm temping at the moment. That's the day job. Then there's translations to get done and night school to attempt to attend and various other thingies. It's all been a bit hectic, to be honest. But still, I'm here now. Ish. I haven't forgotten the fic. Expect the next bit tomorrow. For now, though, I'm off to my bed to try and catch some of those elusive Zzzzs. TTFN!
11:35PM 07/03/14 - Big fan

I'm really enjoying watching "The Last Leg" with Adam Hills tonight. There need to be more TV programmes like it.
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